May 12


6 Effective Ways To Lose Weight While Relaxing At The Same Time

Losing weight is always thought of as a rigorous experience that has to involve extreme workouts and sweat-dripping effort. While this may be true for some, others would like to find less intense ways to lose a little weight and still be able to relax. Finding a good balance between relaxation and weight loss can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

There are many effective ways to do this. You do not need a gym membership or put in 110% of your effort to shed a few unwanted pounds. These 6 ways can help you relax and cut down on your weight at the same time.

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Switch to a Keto Diet

The keto diet has been gaining a lot of stream as a popular way to lose weight. It might not seem like a relaxing way to lose weight because of the lack of carbs, but eating too much sugar can be bad for your blood pressure, which makes you more anxious and unhealthy. Being healthy, losing weight, and feeling better certainly sounds like a good way to relax the body and mind.

Frequent Sauna Sessions

Saunas are the Finnish secret to relaxation and health. The use of a sauna helps open your pores, clear out the skin, and sweat out the bad toxins of the body. There are even infrared saunas now for those who do not want to steam up their house, and the information from highlights some of the cool features you can add. Sitting back and relaxing with some heat while you listen to music provides an experience that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a meditative state and lose some water weight.

Practice Yoga

Speaking of meditative state, you can always take up yoga. Yoga is the ancient practice of meditation and stretching that allows you to relax the mind and body while simultaneously getting in a quality workout. Combining these two benefits allows you to effectively lose weight while focusing your mind and getting in tune with your body. Yoga can be done in the quiet comfort of your home or you could take it outside to a park or other grassy field and enjoy the sounds of nature. Wherever you choose to practice it, you can be sure to enjoy the meditative properties while getting in a surprisingly great workout to help lose weight.

Substitute Sugary Drinks With Tea

If you do not feel like going the full nine yards with the keto diet, and still want to enjoy some carbs, you can make small sacrifices to help lose weight by reducing what kind of sugars you are cutting out of your diet. Soda and other high-fructose drinks are not only bad for your body, but they could be causing you to feel anxious. Sugary drinks like soda or juice can be bad long term, so replacing them with tea can help you enjoy a healthy alternative. Tea is good for calming people’s nerves, it tastes good, comes in many different forms, and is even a reliable source of caffeine for those coffee lovers that cannot part with their morning drink. You would be surprised at how many of your daily calories come from liquids, so try switching it up and drinking tea instead.

Take Up Dancing

Dancing might seem like a stressful way to lose weight because it is so upbeat and intense at times, but there are many forms of dancing you can do to help cut some weight. Ballroom or slow dancing is enjoyable, romantic, and has a lot of potential for calorie burning. Similarly, you can have a fun little personal dance-off by yourself with your favorite music blasting to help shake off some anxiety or blow off some steam and feel the afterglow of an enjoyable little workout.


One of the more traditional forms of exercise on this list, canoeing or kayaking both provide a great upper body and cardiovascular workout to lose weight fast and effectively, but can be done in a very relaxing manner. Hitting the calm waters to spend some alone time paddling away can help you feel in touch with nature and help aid in your weight loss journey without being too much of a taxing task.

Getting in a solid workout or weight loss effort does not need to be intense or cause you to sweat buckets. There are plenty of relaxing and calming ways to help you with your weight loss goals, and these 6 are just a few of those ways.


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