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Learning About BLM | Best Educational Movies

The Black Lives Matter movement is one that has been a topic of many discussions at colleges. You may find this to be an excellent essay topic if you are writing a paper for an English or history class. One way to get some information on this topic for a research paper is to take some time to watch best educational movies about justice; etc. It is important to get a complete background of BLM before writing any paper. 

Know About BLM | Best Educational Movies

Here, students can learn about some of the best educational movies that address this important topic. Whether you view these in class or on your own time, you will have a better understanding of this movement and how racism is still an issue that affects thousands every day.

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Learning About BLM | Best Educational Movies

This is a top-rated documentary that is directed by Ava DuVernay. It follows the history of black people from slavery to today and shows why many in the United States are actively calling for reform against police brutality. Police brutality is a topic that is often used as an essay topic in college. You can access Black Lives Matter essays in our database. These free examples can be used to gather information and data to support your arguments. You can write about how police violence and brutality are a serious issue and a major concern for black members of society.

With free essays and the details from this documentary, students will learn about racial inequality and how incarceration is often the way for Black people to be controlled. 13th also discusses how those that are in prison are not always a criminal and how the US continues to fill prisons with large amounts of Black people. 

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This documentary is just one film that has been directed by DuVernay. Others that also address racial issues include:

  • Selma
  • When They See Us

The Hate U Give

Learning About BLM | Best Educational Movies

This is one of the top-rated movies about racism, and once again, it focuses on police brutality. This is a serious problem in the United States. Based on data that has been collected by the Washington Post, police killed at least 1055 people last year. Of those killed, black people accounted for 27% of the fatal shootings. 

In The Hate U Give, the movie places a focus on having a talk with children and teaching them how to never give any officer an excuse to use violence. Police violence is the epicenter of this film and shows how it affects communities.  

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All American

Learning About BLM | Best Educational Movies

This television series is based on a true story and addresses racial issues that are present in society. The dramatic series follows a high school football career of a student from South Crenshaw High. When he transfers to Beverly Hills, he experiences a new life. Instead of living in the hood surrounded by gangs and poverty, Spencer receives a top-notch education and a chance to be recruited by top colleges. This show is a great example of how it can be hard for anyone to deal with poverty and racial disadvantage when in a community of privileged youth.

The show discusses morals that should be taught to kids and addresses how police are quick to react when a black person is involved in a complaint. After a police shooting in an episode, the show focuses on the BLM movement and shows how teenagers can actively be involved.  

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Final Words

Racial injustice is one of the major problems being dealt with in the US today. With these educational movies and documentaries, students can learn about various experiences of black members of communities and how they are often targeted. Learn about the BLM movement and its importance for black members of society by watching these powerful films.


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