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What Does OP Mean On Reddit? Update Your List Of Internet Slang!

So, if you wish to keep up with the internet generation or, say, the millennials and Gen z’s, then you better keep your internet lingo up to date. Being on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, must have introduced you to several abbreviations and acronyms. But there are certain short forms that are mostly popular on Reddit. In this article, we’ll tell you What Does OP Mean On Reddit?

Reddit can certainly be called a social media platform, which is slightly different and unique in its own ways. Reddit actually has quite a few similarities with Facebook, but it is basically a social news accumulation, content rating, and discussion platform. These days if you wish to stay updated on current affairs, you necessarily don’t need to watch news channels or read a newspaper. 

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If you’re on Reddit, you would stay updated on various topics and also get to see diverse viewpoints on it and figure out which is the most sensible one. Likewise, you would also learn a lot of abbreviations and acronyms that are used very commonly in order to communicate certain things on the platform. Always keep in mind that the internet’s short forms and their meanings keep on changing from time to time. So, a particular abbreviation might have some other meanings as well.

Now, without any further delay, let’s find out what OP means on Reddit.

What Does OP Mean On Reddit? Let’s Find Out!

What Does OP Mean On Reddit? Update Your List Of Internet Slang!

The abbreviation OP happens to be quite popular and frequently used on Reddit, just like people use the short form TTYL on WhatsApp or SS on Snapchat. There are certain abbreviations that are extremely common and are used by several people on a specific platform. 

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Now to answer your question in the most simple way, OP on Reddit basically means Original Poster or Original Post. The user who has created a post that other people are replying to, or, that first and particular post itself, can be called the OP. Understand that when people say OP in such a context on Reddit, it means that they are referring to a particular user who has posted the Original Post in the first place or to the “post” itself.  

Now, the abbreviation OP, apart from Reddit, is also used on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Well, to get rid of any confusion and for your better understanding, we have stated an example that will help you grasp the meaning of the term OP and how you can use it while communicating. 

  • Example: Daniel posts something regarding his cat, that says “My cat eats so much. And he’s only 3 pounds! Where does all the food go? An unknown person replies to Daniel’s post with a long, stretched response about cat diet.
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Now, a third person replies to the second comment by saying, “I think OP was speaking rhetorically.” So, this means that the third person is using the term OP to refer to Daniel, who made the Original Post.

We hope that the example helped you understand how we can use the term in the correct manner on Reddit as well as on other platforms.

What OP Means In Gaming? 

What Does OP Mean On Reddit? Update Your List Of Internet Slang!

We have to be aware of the fact that abbreviations and acronyms are not only used on social media platforms and instant messaging apps. But they’re also used on various gaming platforms, like Twitch (to name the most popular one), by gamers across the world. 

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As we said before, OP happens to be a popular abbreviation, but it also has certain other meanings to it, depending on the context. Someone using the term on Reddit would be completely different from someone using it on Twitch. Gamers use the term OP in a completely different context.

OP means Overpowered when it comes to using it on gaming platforms or while playing online games. When a gamer refers to a character, weapon, or skill in an online game as OP, they basically mean that the “character, weapon or skill” are extremely strong or powerful, that provides a particular player an upper hand over other players. When someone or something is “Overpowered,” it means that it is better than whatever else is in the game.

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Let us state a relatable example, in the year 2018, in an online game called Fortnite, players across the world got access to an unknown weapon known as the Infinity Blade. Now, this sword soon turned out to be extremely powerful and effective. And any player who would get their hands on this weapon was immediately considered a winner. A huge number of Fortnite players admitted that the Infinity Blade was OP – that it was overpowered. So, eventually, as a result, the creators removed the weapon from the game for good. 

Other Abbreviations And Slangs On Reddit

What Does OP Mean On Reddit? Update Your List Of Internet Slang!

You should know that there are several hundreds of slang and acronyms on Reddit, which might not make sense to you at first, but there’s no need to worry. Internet short forms are not something that comes from your English grammar books but are created to communicate something easily and quickly. So, we have listed some of the most common abbreviations and slang on Reddit that you may or may not be aware of.

  • TIL : Today I Learned
  • DAE : Does Anyone Else
  • IAmA : I Am A….
  • AMA : Ask Me Anything
  • TL;DR : Too Late; Didn’t Read
  • FTFY : Fix That For You
  • Brave : The term Brave on Reddit is used when someone tries to be sarcastic about something.
  • ELI5 : Explain It Like I’m 5 Years Old
  • FTA : From That Article
  • ITT : In This Thread
  • NSFW : Not Safe For Work
  • ALT : The Users Alternate Account
  • IIRC : If I Remember Correctly
  • IMO : In My Opinion
  • Karma : Points based on user activity.
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Final Word

So, now you know exactly what OP means on Reddit and its other meaning on online gaming platforms. We have also, as additional information, discussed some of the other common and frequently used abbreviations and acronyms on Reddit. We hope that the article sufficed and was informative enough. Let us know if you’ve liked going through the article. And also, do not forget to give us your feedback, if you think we could have added something else.


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